Monday, December 31, 2012

No-Sew Child Camera Strap Tutorial

My 3 year old has been obsessed with cameras and taking pictures lately.  So, it was pretty exciting for her when her Nana and Grandpa gave her her very own camera for Christmas.  It was exciting for us, too. No more worrying about her dropping OUR camera and breaking it!

For safety reasons (I'm assuming), this indestructible camera did not come with a camera strap.  Not that it needs one.  I mean, the picture on the front of the box shows the thing getting chucked down some hardwood stairs.  I'm sure if it can make it through that, that we don't really need a strap or bag for "protection."

BUT, I have had camera straps on my mind as I was asked for ideas on how to make some for teens on a Teen Craft Night at the local library.  I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to try it out.  Why not?  So here goes...

No-Sew Child Camera Strap

Step 1 - Gather Materials

 You will need:

1 yard cotton twill tape (mine is 1" thick)
1 yard decorative ribbon (mine is 7/8")
1 yard daisy lace (or other embellishment of your choice - sequins, etc)
Self-stick velcro
hot glue gun (or Fabri-Tac permanent adhesive)

Step 2 - Attach Velcro

My Velcro came in 1/2" squares.  This was too big for the area I wanted to attach it to the camera.  So I had to cut my Velcro in half to make it fit.  Just cut a piece of Velcro to fit on each side of your camera.

 I also forgot to buy the self-stick Velcro (which would make this step easier).  Peel the backing off of your Velcro and position it in the middle of each side of your camera.  I used Fabri-Tac at this point (it held better than the hot glue on the plastic of the camera).

Take the other pieces of Velcro and attach them to the ends of the twill tape (on the side you want to be the back).

Step 3 - Attach Ribbon to Twill Tape

Cut a piece of ribbon to the size of your twill tape (if this is not done already).

Place dots of hot glue down the center of the twill tape. Center your ribbon and press onto the glue.

 Continue until the entire length of ribbon and twill tape are glued together.

 Step 4 - Attach Daisy Lace (or other embellishments)

Now repeat for the lace (or anything else you would like to attach).

Step 5 - Dry, Attach, and Shoot!

Allow the glue to harden before attaching the strap to the camera.

Then let your little one get to the picture taking!

PS - I used Velcro on purpose.  I know that it doesn't seem very strong.  This is to decrease the risk of strangulation.  The strap will easily come off the camera were the camera to get stuck on something.  If you are using this for an adult camera, I would simply use binder rings at the end of the straps or a loop of embroidery floss. Also, you would need a longer piece of twill tape and ribbon.  Good luck!! :)

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