Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Accident

A couple of months ago I took down our shower curtain to wash it.  While it was in the basement waiting it's turn for the washer, I dumped about 1/4 cup of bleach on it.  I think I was in post-accident shock for about a minute.  My brain went from "Yay! Shopping! Redecorating!" to "Ugh. Spending money. Have to find a curtain I can look at for another 10 years" in that minute.

Now, for those of you who thought this post was going to be about an actual, serious accident - I'm very sorry for the angst I caused you.  It's about a shower curtain.  I still think that's serious.  I can NOT have just a shower liner on that rod.  It is not aesthetically pleasing to the eye. My husband kept insisting it was no big deal and the liner was fine.  He was thinking with his wallet. As I'm writing this, I'm remembering the pea-green, holey La-Z-Boy from 1978 he kept insisting would look just fine in our living room.  I'm thinking he really would have been fine with just the plastic liner for an indefinite period of time (probably forever).

Anyways, back on track.  My shower curtain was irretrievable. The bleach splotch was right in the dead center of the curtain.  I couldn't even hide it in a fold.  So, I started looking for a new one.  I was so overwhelmed by the choices!  On top of that, I wasn't happy with anything that I saw.  Well, there was one that would have been nice, but it was about $100 and that is at least $100 over my desired budget.  Hmm...free would be nice, wouldn't it?  On the off chance I would find something, I looked up tutorials on how to make a shower curtain out of scraps of fabric. Because I really do not have 72"x72" pieces of fabric laying around - it would have to be patchy.

This is what I found:

Sweet, right?  I wanted different colors, but the general layout looked like something I could pull off.  Now all I had to do was find fabric.  I dug through my scraps and came up with enough to make my own.

This is what I came up with:

Not too bad, right?  And I even had enough scraps left to throw together a matching valance for the window.    The old one was looking decidedly off next to the new curtain.

Funny thing is, I love this shower curtain WAY  more than the old one.  Good things come out of accidents. :)

PS My husband insists this curtain was not actually "free" as I had to buy the fabric at some point.  True, but I didn't spend any MORE money.  He conceded that it was better than spending $100 more.

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