Monday, August 11, 2014

Getting Ready: 2 Pairs of School-Worthy Pants for My Girl

Last week during a regular late-summer routine, we went through all of the girls clothes and cleaned out everything that was too worn or too small.  At the end of said clean-out, E was left with one pair of pants that fit.


Seriously.  How did that happen?  We hit a nice stretch of summery weather and she hit a growth spurt.

E mainly likes to wear leggings under skirts, but she is also starting to like jeans and other pants.  The problem is that she's so skinny she can wear a 3T around the waist, but she needs the 5T for the length.

Usually we end up buying those wonderful jeans/corduroys that have the adjustable waistband.  And she has a few of those in her drawer now.  I was just looking for one or two more pairs of pants to round out the wardrobe when I happened upon some jean and corduroy fabric tucked at the bottom of my fabric stash.

So why not sew some, right? ;)

These two pairs of pants were quick and easy (seriously).  Each pair took about an hour and a half each.

And she loves them both because she was able to choose the fun, colorful fabric for the contrasts.  Win!

First I made these sweet, ruffle-bottomed pants with patch pockets on the back.

The pockets are nice and large, adding a great splash of color!

And who doesn't love some girly ruffles?

Second, I made the corduroys.  

These have not so wide of a leg, pockets hidden in the side seam, a contrasting waistband, and cute folded cuffs in the contrast fabric.

To finish them off, I added some stars around the top of the cuff.  Love those!

I took the time with both of these pants to add tags.  I guess it's about time I started tagging the work that I do - even clothes for the kiddos.  And now I will remember what size I made the clothes!

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