Monday, June 16, 2014

Elsa Has Arrived! {Custom Frozen Costume}

Well, Frozen hysteria has reached our household.  My husband and I put it off for a while.  We resisted the craze and didn't watch the movie with the girls for a long time.

Then, we gave in.  And we were off!

Now we're right there with everyone else.  We own the movie, the girls listen to the soundtrack (and sing it loudly at all times of day), and everything Frozen is high on the "desire to own" list.

Two weeks before her birthday, E decided that she really wanted an Elsa costume.  Thank goodness I'd already thought of making that as a birthday gift and had started. Phew!

I used a pattern that I found on Etsy.  It is a very easy-on, easy-off costume.  She can pull it on all by herself which is a huge plus.

The main dress is made out of shiny-blue swimsuit material.  Sounds odd, but it makes the dress flow magnificently and gives it an almost "liquid" look.

I wanted the cape to drag a bit, but also wanted it to be functional for wearing out of the house (as I had a feeling she would want to wear it constantly).  This is why the cape is detachable.  It attaches under the arms with snaps.  

At first I thought that a permanent cape would have been better, but the more she wears it, the more I like that we can take the cape off.  Then she can wear the dress while running around and not worry about entangling herself with the cape.

The cape is made from a sheer organza that is decorated with sparkles.  It really goes well with the costume - the perfect finishing touch!

E is in LOVE with it and has worn it for 2 days straight (ever since she received it).  So glad my little Elsa is happy! :)

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