Tuesday, November 6, 2012

On the first day of Christmas my Mommy made for me...

1 pair of flannel pjs!

Yes, yes, I realize it is a bit too early for Christmas.  I love Thanksgiving and don't want to jump right over it or ignore it.  However, I don't have too many Thanksgiving-themed projects going on right now and I have a MILLION Christmas ones.  So, in order to fit them all in, I've decided to start sharing them now.  Enjoy! :)

I don't really know why this is or how it happened, but for some reason I have determined my girls must have Christmas pjs every year.  This was never a tradition when I was a kid so I have no idea where this came from.  I just decided every year so far to get Christmas pjs and now that my 3-year-old can remember what Christmas is, she remembers that she HAS to have some Christmas jammies.  She still insists that she can fit into her Santa pajamas from last year.  Trust me, she doesn't.  They are the feetie pajamas and, while once cute, are no longer fit for public viewing.  Picture curled toes and a line up the bum.  Yep. I don't know how she squeezes herself into those things, but she does.  It makes for some interesting bathroom trips.

Seeing as I am on an "all homemade" kick, I decided to make the pjs this year.  I was also determined not to spend money on a new pattern.  I have no shirt or pant patterns for kids, so it was going to have to be on the fly.  I did use the crotch part of a pattern I have for some capris for her bottoms.  I never was good at making up the whole inseam thing, so I had to use an example I already had.  By the way, my favorite part of the pajama bottoms are the little ruffle on the bottom.  It turns a very plain pajama bottom into something fun and little girly. :)

For the top, I used one of her well-fitting t-shirts and made a pattern on some parchment paper.  Basically, I folded some paper in half and traced half of the shirt. Then, I measured her arms and drew the pattern for the sleeves.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take into account that I was using a knit shirt as a pattern and flannel for the finished piece.  This resulted in one tight shirt!  Again, she insisted it fit - even when it rode up her little belly.  Not really the look I was going for.  So I went back and added in an extra panel of fabric underneath each arm.  Ahh....much better!  I also put snaps into the shoulder seams so that she could easily take the shirt on and off.  My child either has an enormous head or I made the neck hole a little small.  I'm thinking (hoping) the answer is B.

They turned out cute - even with the little mishaps!  She is now free to enjoy them and anticipate the arrival of Santa.  In toddler time she has a long wait ahead of her.  Now if only I could get her to give up the ones that are too small, I'd be all set!

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