Sunday, April 27, 2014

Old T-Shirt Round-Up: 2 DIY Projects for Your Old Shirts

Old t-shirts are like the mugs of the clothing drawer.  Seriously.  Where do they all come from??

My husband and I had 15+ years worth of old t-shirts in our drawers.  Needless to say, it needed some sorting through.

After the cleaning, we were left with a garbage bag full of old t-shirts.  What to do with them all?  Some were so full of holes and stained that they were only good for the rag bin.  But there were many others that still had some life left in them.

My husband gave a few of his hardly-if-ever-worn shirts to E to wear as nightgowns.  They are so baggy, but she loves them!  I thought I would add to the cuteness and make them into fitted nightgowns for her.

I took her Mr. Potato head shirt and transformed it into a super-sweet nightgown.

Or so I thought.  I whipped this up while she was out with her grandparents.   She was, shall we say, annoyed  that I had changed her "nightgown" without asking her permission.  Ok, she was ANGRY.

Pretty much refused to put it on.  But it's SO CUTE!

I finally cajoled her into putting it on and doing a photo session for me.
Can you see the pouty face?

 Aww, but she's cute anyways.

That's better!  That must be after I gave her some jelly beans or something. Nothing like a little bribery. :)
Now on to the rest of the shirts.
A friend of mine sent me an idea via Facebook almost a year ago now.  Turn those old t-shirts into cloth diapers!  What a great idea!

Little N is starting to move out of his newborn prefolds and needs some newer, larger ones.

I am always looking for

1. new sewing projects and
2. ways to save some money.
These diaper prefolds are the perfect combination of those two things.  Plus, I don't feel like we are wasting all those old shirts!  
Awwww...look at that cutie pie.  Showing off his new The Toasters diaper. 

No disrespect to the band.  In fact, my husband wore this shirt so much there were holes in it.

Now we are all set with diapers for quite a while.  Yay!

Well, that does it for this week's projects.

And on to the next thing! :)

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  1. What a good idea to make them into prefolds! And the nightgown is very cute.