Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Newsboy Hats for the Girls

The girls have been asking for their own newsboy hats since I made one for N.  It was only a week ago, but I figured I'd better make them while the pattern was fresh in my mind.  Besides, these would look cute with their Easter outfits.

Here's the infant-sized one I made for N.

For his Easter outfit, he will wear the corduroy-side out, but the farm print is cute, too.  I love that these are completely reversible.

I chose a striped fabric for one side of the girls' hats and let them choose a fun print that they wanted for the other side.

I figure that I can have them wear the matching side for Easter with their outfits, and the other side they can wear whenever they want.

As you can see, I added a nice, big, purple bow on the front of the more neutral side of the hat.  I used a safety pin to attach it so that it can be removed when the girls wear the hat on the print side.

Unbelievably, it was E who chose that purple fabric.  Wonder of all wonders.  I can't believe she didn't choose PINK!!

Especially because for her other side she chose...wait for it...PINK! :)

H has just decided that her favorite color is orange.  So she searched through the fabric until she found something bright with lots of orange.

 This is my first time making hats, so I'm excited with how they turned out!  The only thing left for the kiddos' Easter outfits is pants for N.  Whew!

Then it's on to my dress.  I'm a little doubtful it will get done, but we shall see!

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