Monday, February 3, 2014

Puppy Dog Valentines's Valentine's Day again.  I love making Valentines with E.  

And before you ask me how I managed to do this with a 10-day old (aka no sleep, lots of laundry, and housework piling up), let me just say that these were finished about 3 weeks ago.  BEFORE little one was born.  Phew!

This year I asked her what kind of Valentine she'd like to make.  She came back with a puppy Valentine.

Hoping that this would not be too complicated, I headed to the web for some inspiration.  

I really didn't feel like heading out to the store, so I was hoping there would be something we could make and that I would have all of the necessary materials in my house.

I do not have tons of construction paper.  
But I DO have tons of felt.
So we made the puppies out of felt.  The white cardstock I also had on hand.  And the saying was printed on regular printer paper.

So here are the supplies.

Instead of making a folding card, I made flat ones.  
Each piece of cardstock was cut into 4 pieces.  
I guess-timated the size of the hearts and used chalk to draw them on the felt before cutting them (sorry, chalk and scissors aren't in the picture).

One last thing. I started using Elmer's glue (as pictured), but then realized that it would not hold the felt and so we switched to hot glue.  Obviously, I was in charge of the glue gun and E placed the hearts on the paper.


STEP 1:  Glue the largest heart in the center-front of the card.

STEP 2: Turn your next-largest heart (ours is pink) upside down and place as shown on top of the first heart.

STEP 3: Take the smaller black heart and place over the point of the pink heart to make the nose.

STEP 4: Place the two small pink hearts on either side of the nose for the eyes.

STEP 5: Put a strip of glue on either side of the largest heart and attach the two larger black hearts upside down on the glue to make the ears.

STEP 6: Using the black sharpie, draw in the pupils of the eyes and the freckles.

STEP 7: Cut out your saying and glue in place on the back of the card.

And there you have it! Easy, homemade Valentine's Day cards!

 E is SO excited to give them out to her friends!

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  1. I'm still amazed you got a blog post up! Those are really cute. Can't wait to share your newborn photos!