Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy Halloween!!

Can you guess what they are this year?

I saw a pin on Pinterest way back in July that I thought was just adorable.

flower dress up

The sad thing?  The link didn't work and I couldn't find the project or a tutorial on the website. Darn.

Now I was going to have to make it up.  Well, that could be fun.  I kind of like making things up from scratch.  Did you know that about me? ;)

Now that I knew I wanted to make the girls these costumes for Halloween. The trick was to somehow get Emma to choose this costume so that it was her decision - not mine.  I showed her the picture and (thankfully) she decided  that she wanted to be a "fairy princess" for Halloween. Phew!  I say flower, she says fairy princess...whatever.  We are technically on the same page.

I took the girls to JoAnn Fabrics and had them each choose 2 colors of felt.  Emma, of course, chose pink.  She also chose a nice blue to go with it.  And Hannah?  She wanted purple and orange.  Perfect!  

I'm a  little partial to the purple and orange, but whatever.  They both look cute, I think.

For the skirts, I measured the girls from waist to knee and free-handed a petal shape that was as long as that measurement.  I then cut about 20 huge-petals (10 from each color).  I layered the petals onto pieces of belting cut to the girls' waist measurements.  I then sewed the petals to the belting.

Looking through my stash of stuff, I came up with some ribbon that matched the skirts. I sewed that ribbon on top of the belting to hide the belt and the stitching.  I made the ribbon extra long so that we could tie each skirt on in the back with a pretty bow.

Skirts: done.  Now on to the wands and crowns.

For the crowns, I bought some cheap headbands and hot-glued smaller petals on to it in alternating colors.  I then took some gems I had laying around from a previous project and added them to the center petal to add some sparkle.  Fairy princesses (or flowers) love sparkle!

I went into the back yard and found some lovely sticks that would work for wands and scrunched up small half circles into the shape of petals.  I hot glued like crazy and added those wonderful gems to the middle of the flower.  I added flowing ribbons and some sparkles on the stick for a little extra glamour.

Hannah decided to use hers as a hammer and broke it in half.  Her beautiful wand also features silver duct tape.  Can you see it?

All in all, I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.  Add white shirts and leggings underneath and they are cute little flowers/fairy princesses!

Here they are having a little fairy princess conference.

They are SO excited about Halloween...especially Emma.  Although, I'm pretty sure she's more excited about playing dress-up than she is about the candy.  But that might just be my "wishful mom thinking" coming into play. ;)

Have a wonderful Halloween everyone!

Get ready for Christmas presents...yes, it really is time to start making them. :)

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