Friday, March 8, 2013

Baby Doll/Stuffed Animal Carrier Tutorial

It's snowing...again. We were supposed to head over to my mom's house today, but alas, we are once again at home with the white covering the earth outside.  But since we are home, why not do something fun?  Why not sew?  I bet you never saw that coming. ;)
Yesterday, I say this pin:
I knew that this was a "must make."  I got so excited that I started writing down ideas for a pattern last night - before the snow even started.  Thank goodness the snow gave me an excuse to make them!  
She didn't post a tutorial - just pics and the book where she got the pattern from.  Well, I'm too impatient.  I don't have time to hunt down some long-ago-out-of-print book with really cute patterns in it.  So I looked at the ones she made and made up my own pattern.

Here it is on my youngest.  It's a bit blurry because she WOULD NOT STAY STILL.  She is an "on the move" kind of gal.  I think you can get the gist of what it looks like, though. 

The one I make in this tutorial is for my older daughter.  Can you guess the color??  Pink, it has to be pink.  Sigh.  Well, the main part will be brown, but the pocket and strap pink.

Here we go...

Step 1 - Materials

Let's see if I can remember them all:

1/4 yrd main fabric
1/4 yrd lining fabric
scraps for pocket and straps
2 buttons
chalk or water soluble pen
seam ripper

*I just used scraps for the whole thing.  It's really not very much fabric.  The amounts are just approximations of what I used.

**All seam allowances are approximately 1/4" unless otherwise specified.

Step 2 - Cutting

Download the pattern that I made and cut out all the pieces as specified.

Remember to add 3" onto the very bottom of the pattern for the flap that goes between the doll's legs.

In the end, this is what you should have: 

Step 3 - The Pocket

I like to angle the bottom corners of my pockets.  Fold the pocket (lining and front) in half the short way.  Cut at an angle at the corner.

You will end up with this:

Put RIGHT sides together and sew around the pocket.  Leave an opening in order to turn the pocket right side out.

Turn right side out and press.

Top stitch across the top of the pocket.

Center pocket on the main fabric piece and pin in place.  Sew on, leaving the top open.

Step 4 - Sewing the Main Pieces

Sew the main body of the carrier together with right sides together.  Leave a 3" opening so that you can turn it right side out.

Clip the curves and corners.

Turn it right side out through the opening.  Press.

Top stitch around the entire main piece (this will close the opening left from turning it around).

Step 5 - Leg Flap

Fold the bottom flap up so that it meets the main body of the carrier on the LINING side.

Pin in place.  

Stitch along top.

Step 6 - Button Holes

Use the button hole foot for your sewing machine and make a button hole at the top of each strap.

Open the button hole using a seam ripper or small pair of scissors.

Step 7 - The Strap

Fold the strap piece in half and press.

Open the strap back up.  Fold both edges to meet at the pressed line in the middle.  Press them down.

Fold the strip in half (so the raw edges are in the middle) and press closed.

Hem and press both short edges.

Top stitch around entire strap.

Step 8 - Attaching the Strap to the Main Piece

Thread the strap through the bottom loop of the main piece.  Center the carrier in the middle of the strap.

Fold up the bottom leg flap and pin the strap on each side of the carrier with the lining facing up.

Sew a the strap on each side of the carrier.  I sewed a box to make it stronger.

Step 9 - Buttons

With the right side of the carrier facing up, crisscross the straps in the back and position them exactly the way you would like them to be worn.  Hand sew the buttons to the strap.

Step 10 - Put it On!

Once you have the buttons sewn on - you're done!  Put it on your child, place the doll/stuffed dog (or whatever) in the carrier, and you're good to go!

Look how happy she is!!


  1. So great! Loved the pictures for the tutorial. You are on a crafting blogging roll!

    1. What I did instead of what I was SUPPOSED to be online course...
      But it was very fun! :)

  2. Hi Rebecca! I LOVE this! Would it be OK if I included a thumbnail image from this tutorial and a link to it on a series on my blog that I'm calling "A Handmade Christmas"? Thanks!

    1. Absolutely! I also sell these and a backpack version in my Etsy shop if anyone would rather just buy one. :) Thanks!

  3. Thank you so much for this tutorial! It was fabulous! I just finished and I love it!

  4. for some reason I can't get the pattern, please help.

  5. Great pattern, I had to make the straps alot longer as my son is a big boy. He loves it, thank you

  6. Thanks a lot for the pattern and pictures! My daughter loves it! Just one minor tweak: for older children/larger dolls, the straps need to be a bit longer.

  7. It wont let me download the pattern

  8. My fun of sewing it was to short….. it is a fast and easy proyect, thank you